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          AvatarX, the exploration platform for unlimited forms of avatars created by FaceUnity, offers 3D digital avatar solutions for various scenarios and consists of full-stack services such as digital avatar creation, rendering and intelligent interaction. It can empower multiple user groups to meet a diversity of demands including content production, virtual IP creation and virtual intelligent services.


          Core Technologies

          The platform offers video AR technologies ( face beautification and reshaping, props and stickers, makeup, background segmentation, etc. ) and virtual avatar technologies (virtual avatar generation, STA, Animoji ) to co-create the new content ecosystem for the XR era by integration and innovation of CG and AI technologies.

          Industry Solutions

          We offer one-stop solutions for application scenarios such as videos and games, social networking and entertainment, business development and marketing, daily life and smart cities.


          Interactive Live Streaming

          We help users to quickly realize real-time and interactive live streaming functions just by invoking APIs

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          Virtual Avatar Live

          Allowing virtual avatars to interact with the audience, do performances, and sell goods during the live streaming.

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          AI Virtual Assistants

          The company's first "virtual employee" can intelligentize brand IPs and create more values for the company.

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          Intelligent Finance

          We offer financial clients intelligent digital IP solutions to help with digital transformation of financial institutes.

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          AI Virtual Presenters

          The deep integration of AI into news collecting and editing can reshape the process of producing news and save lots of human labour.

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          About Us

          FaceUnity was founded in 2016. We have a team of International R&D experts and are specialized in researching on and innovating XR content technologies, creating infrastructures for production and interaction of XR contents, cooperating with upstream and downstream companies in the industry to cultivate the XR content ecosystem and encouraging everybody to produce and enjoy XR contents.